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Frequently Asked Questions

#1 Did the aliens communicate with you?

No. Despite my barrage of questions, they made no vocalizations, nor was I aware of any telepathic communication during my entire experience.

#2 Did you recall your experience only under regressive hypnosis?

No. I did not recall any experiences under hypnosis that I could not remember before. The hypnosis did help me verbalize my experience in greater detail, without being overwhelmed by anxiety, but did not help me regain any lost memories.

#3 Why is the movie different from real events?

From the standpoint of those in the movie industry, factors they consider important in telling a story through the medium of movies as opposed to the printed page involves an entirely different set of priorities. The right to effect those changes always lies with the producers, even in the case of very big name novelists, therefore these changes were their call and not within my power to approve or disapprove.

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